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The Categorisation package contains the functionality that allows you to categorise content with your own bespoke and hierarchical categories.

The package adds a new "Categories" section in the Umbraco back-end where categories can be managed.



  • New: Categories section within the Umbraco back-end.
    • This is to get around the issue many people have had when logging in with users who do not have access to the Settings section.


  • Dropped support for Umbraco 4.x
  • New: Extension methods for using Categorisation data in MVC views



  • Fixed: Issue where categorisation service route breaks MVC form routes for Contour.


  • Fixed: Category Selection data type causes page edit to throw exception.


  • New: Categories can be moved in the category tree
  • Improved: XSLT extensions now include ID in returned XML
  • Improved: Category names and descriptions can be multilingual using dictionary items
  • Improved: JSON returned in data service now includes category ID and localized data


  • New: Category Picker data type. Select a single category.
  • New: Categories.FindCategoryByName() method returns collection of categories with specified name.
  • Improved: Category Selection data type pre-value editor now has picker instead of free text root category setting.
  • Fixed: Setting root category for Category Selection data type may not effect tree view when editing a page.


  • Compatibility issues with Umbraco versions prior to v4.10

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